Sunday, 21 October 2007

McKerrow Road - North Otago

James McKerrow named hundreds, if not over a thousand features in New Zealand.

A number of features and places are named after McKerrow. Lake McKerrow in Fiordland, Mt. McKerrow, Hopkins Valley, Mt. McKerrow in the Rimutaka Forest Park, McKerrow Street in Waverly, Dunedin, McKerrow Street in Methven, McKerrow Road near Waianakarua, North Otago, McKerrow Glacier in the Westland and McKerrow Range on the Haast Pass Road to the West Coast. The township of Makarora is situated at the foot of the McKerrow Range.
Above is a photo of me, Bob McKerrow, lazing beneath the McKerrow Road sign near Waianakarua

Friday, 19 October 2007

New Zealand Middle Island Wall Map - James McKerrow

Have recently acquired a small wall map entitled:

Map of the Middle Island New Zealand Shewing The Land Tenure. June 30th 1879.General Survey Office. New Zealand. James McKerrow, Surveyor General.

33x24 inches backed on linen w/rollers.

Not being familar with indigenous New Zealand imprints or wall maps published in NZ, the map struck me as very interesting. Is anyone aware of any good references on 19th Century/Late 19th Century New Zealand Government published maps?

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