Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Mount McKerrow - Antarctica

When I was in Antarctica in 1969-70 I came across a map with a Mount McKerrow, situated somewhere in Victoria Land.

Today I saw this reference on where Mount McKerrow is:

Farmer Glacier 8147S, 15948E. A glacier flowing north-west into Starshot Glacier, and located between Mount McKerrow at north and Thompson Mountain at south, at the southern end of Surveyors Range.

'''Farmer Glacier''' ({{coor dm|81|47|S|159|48|E|}}) is a [[glacier]] flowing north west into [[Starshot Glacier]], and located between [[Mount McKerrow]] at north and [[Thompson Mountain]] at south, at the southern end of [[Surveyors Range]]. Named in honor of [[D. W. Farmer]], a member of the 1960 [[Cape Hallett]] winter-over team, working as a technician on the geomagnetic project.

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