Friday, 1 February 2008

Mt. McKerrow - Antarctica

I have finally located the coordinates of Mount McKerrow in Antarctica which was named after James McKerrow, Surveyor-General of New Zealand.

Mount McKerrow SCAR Gazetteer Reference No 9303

Feature Types Dome, Mesa, Monolith, Mountain, Platform, Rise,
Location Latitude: 81° 45' 00.0" S (-81.75°)
Longitude: 159° 48' 00.0" E (159.8°)
Confidence in position:

SCAR Composite Reference 9303
Original Source
of Name AUS
Other Names Mount McKerrow - USA

Date Created
Named for A peak in the Surveyors Range, 6 km south-west of Mount Hotine. Discovered by the New Zealand Geological and Survey Antarctic Expedition (1960-61). Named after J. McKerrow, a former Surveyor-General of New Zealand.

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