Tuesday, 9 September 2008

McKerrow Coat-of- Arms

I have been searching for a McKerrow Coat-of-Arms for some time. I have finally found it. Not that impressive ?


Michael said...

This is cool. I've been looking for the family coat-of-arms for ages. I guess we're related on some level if your descended from James McKerrow because so am I ha.

Bob McKerrow said...

Thanks Michael.

Good you have found your Coat-of-Arms.

best wishes


Gail said...


I was interested to find Bob's blog today. I have just started looking at doing a family tree and was interested to hear that the McKerrow's already have their branch done". I was married into the McKerrow family and unfortunately no longer have contact but have two McKerrow sons who are very interested in finding out their roots. Could you tell me where I could get access to the tree please? I am happy to give you more family details if you wish.

Bob McKerrow said...

Hi Gail

Let me know your grand parents and great grand parents name or any other information and I will be able to assist.

Best regards


Mike McKerrow said...

I was really interested in Michaels illustration, like to know a little more history and any verification.
Sandy McKerrow who my father helped in putting together the McKerrow book(from 1530 to 1990) Could never find any evidence for a McKerrow Coat-Of-Arms.

Muttering McKerrow said...

Hey Bob- just wondering where you got this Mckerrow Coat-of-arms from- I have not been able to find one- if you can let me know- thanks mate.
Joel McKerrow (Australia)